Europe’s Premier Technical Gathering of Smart Automotive Manufacturing Industry Leaders, Innovators And Experts Is Back June 2024!


Welcome to SAM4.0 EUROPE 2024 

SAM4.0 Analyses The Connected Factory, Data And Analytics, Robotics And Automation, Cybersecurity, Digital Twins, Augmented/Mixed Reality, Asset Performance Management And Sustainability.

Take part in this industry leading event where Smart Factory leaders representing global OEMs and their key suppliers, explore future factory trends, innovations and disruptive technologies shaping the future of vehicle manufacturing.

WeAutomotive Group produce and organize some of the world’s leading and most revered automotive manufacturing conferences, summits, and exhibitions. What makes our events particularly unique, is their very high OEM participation, attracting groups of attendees from all the majors and innovative start-ups from across the world.  Our programs are diligently researched and curated in partnership with the Automotive Manufacturing community, to ensure they address the most pertinent current challenges and key investment areas. This level of detail is part of our pioneering approach to content and ensures that we attract the highest level of attendees. SAM4.0 EUROPE provides our attendees with a high-end experience, and unparalleled technical-conference agenda as well as the opportunity to engage with full decision-making faculties all under one roof – in a welcoming, personable environment.

Smart Automotive Manufacturing will continue to disrupt the automotive manufacturing space, giving rise to smart connected factories, digitalization of operations, advanced network capabilities and seamless data exchange. Connected factories area a culmination of the internet of Things IoT, Predictive Analytics, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Mobility, 5/6G, Cyber Security and innovative immersive technology.

As part of WeAutomotive Group’s premier xEV event portfolio, Smart xEV Manufacturing 4.0 has become the premier event for manufacturing leaders, engineers, maintenance heads, CTOs, technologists and experts alike, to collectively address the key challenges and industry innovations surrounding the utilization of smart technologies, paving the way for a digitally accelerated and advanced low carbon future.

This conference analyses The Connected Factory, Data And Analytics, Robotics And Automation, Cybersecurity, Digital Twins, augmented/Mixed Reality, Asset Performance Management And Sustainably.

You are invited to join over 400 OEM automotive engineers involved in the design and implementation of digital production solutions and production data management, at Europe’s largest technical conference and exhibition for automotive smart manufacturing professionals – where experts will engage during a series of case study presentations, interactive panels, and unparalleled networking opportunities.




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Cutting Edge Insight Delivered By Experts And Thought Leaders

Explore The Latest Advancements In Smart Automotive Manufacturing Strategies

Networking Extravanganza The Foremost Networking Event For Smart Automotive Manufacturing Senior Engineers

Tech Showcase An Exhibition Showcase 100% Dedicated To SAM4.0 Materials, Technologies And Solutions

A Technical Content-Lead Agenda, Meticulously Researched And Curated In Partnership With The OEMs To Tackle The Critical Now Challenges And Current Areas Of Key Investment


Practical SAM4.0 Solutions Optimising Cost, Efficiency, Range And Performance

| Conference Topics

  • Next Generation Cloud Architecture
  • Sustainability In Manufacturing Operations
  • Using Transactional And Semi-Structural Data
  • Standardizing And Structuring Data & Processes
  • Cloud Based PLM, MES and ERP
  • The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Modelling And Computational Analysis
  • Al Within Automated Inspection Systems
  • AI Controlled Automated Enabled Systems
  • Digitizing And Modernizing Operational Tech
  • Bridging The Divide Between IT And OT Teams
  • Strategy And Roadmap For Industry IoT
  • Software-Defined And 5G-Enabled Edge Services
  • Simulation Testing Of Vehicles
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Realising Value From Digital Twins
  • Reducing Unscheduled Downtime
  • Automated Inspection For Quality Control
  • Next-Gen HMI/SCADA Systems
  • Meeting Sustainability Goals By Using Generative Design
  • Asset Performance Management (APM 4.0)
  • Quality Management And Digitalization
  • Initial Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Identifying Risk Ownership For Cyberattacks In Smart Factories
  • Managing Legacy Systems With Long Life Cycles (10+ Years)
  • Real-Time Capabilities
  • Zero Trust Manufacturing
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions On The Factory
  • The Next Generation Connected Worker
  • Digital Transf. Of The Maintenance Technician
  • Model-Based High Performance HMI
  • Scaling Automation Systems
  • The Digital Operations Platform (DOP)
  • Multi-Tier Connectivity On A Single, Shared Network
  • Delivering Intelligence Based On A Holistic View Of The Supply Chain
  • Utilising AI And IoT To Interpret Data
  • Ai-Driven Generative Design For Automotive Manufacturing
  • Connecting Data Across Mission-Critical Operations
  • End-to-End Body Manufacturing Lines
  • Full-Line 3D Scanning
  • Development Of Advanced Automated Products
  • Enhancing Quality Inspection Capabilities With AI Vision
  • Utilizing 3D Printed Jigs And Fixtures
  • Evolution Of Efficient Artificial Intelligent Algorithums
  • Using Human-Machine Interactions
  • Leveraging AI And ML To Break Down Complex Engineering Processes
  • Utilising AI’s Predictive Abilities
  • Smart-Factory Cyber Security
  • Building A Digital Backbone
  • Quality Management On A Smart Manufacturing Architecture
  • Creating A Closed-Loop Approach
  • Integrating Low-Code Platforms
  • Reduce Mass While Maintain Performance Standards
  • Meeting Design Goals And Respecting Constraints


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| Trending Topics

Cloud Architecture To Facilitate The Move To A Smart Manufacturing Future

The Emerging Role Of Artificial Intelligence To Control Automotive 4.0 Inspections And Improve Data Analytics Allowing The Production Line To Operate Continuously Without Impacting Overall Throughput

Reaping The Benefits OfDigitilizing And Modernizing Operational Technology (OT) To Bridge The Divide Between IT And OT Teams, Enabling People, Processes, And Technology To Seamlessly Work Together

End-To-End Body Manufacturing Lines Increases Flexibility To Accommodate Completely Random Production Flow That Extends To Model-Specific Assembly, Welding And Quality Inspection

Using 3D Printed Jigs And Fixtures To Reduce Cost, Improve Safety And Boots Efficiency

The Evolution Of Efficient Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Combined With Hardware That Allows Automotive Manufacturers To Streamline Process, Reduce Human Dependence Throughout The Value Chain, And Deliver Improved Results

Recognizing The Key Challenges In Bringing Smart-Factory Cyber Security Up To Speed And The Steps Required to Mitigate Attacks

Strategies To Overcome The Growing Cyber Threats That Can Be A Menace In Smart Manufacturing Environments

Ensuring Automotive Manufacturing Facilities Are Ready To Meet The Emerging Demand For Automated Electric Vehicle Production

The Growing Role Of AGVsIn Smart Manufacturing Environment: Using Data And Automation To Reach Your Destination Without Congestion

With Sustainability Now An Integral Part Of Industry Transformation: What Are The Major Factors To Be Considered by Automotive Manufacturers For Transformation?

Converging On A Zero-Trust Blueprint To Close The Security And Safety Gaps In The Automotive Industry

By Implementing Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions On The Factory Floor, Automotive Manufacturers Have Established An Entirely New Avenue For Improving The Key Performance Indicators Of Manual Assembly And Maintenance Operations

Java-Based HMI/SCADA Offer An OS-Independent Product, But Some Java-Based HMI/SCADA Systems Come With Disadvantages. Are They Worth The Risk?

The Benefits Of Deploying New Generation HMI/SCADA Systems In Smart Manufacturing Environments

Embracing The Opportunities Offered By Industrial 4.0 To Optimize Processes For Better Productivity

Shifting Gears With AI-Driven Generative Design For Automotive Manufacturing

Empowering Automotive Manufacturers To Reduce Unscheduled Downtime, Prevent Equipment Failure And Reduce Maintenance Costs While Increasing Asset Utilization With Asset Performance Management (APM 4.0).

Ensuring Quality Management Keeps Pace With the Digitalization Of The Automotive Sector With The Advent Of Smart Manufacturing

Realizing Value From Digital Twin Investment In Automotive Manufacturing

| Leading OEMs & Smart Manufacturing Developers Present Last Year

BMW Group, CATL, DAF, LG, Daimler Truck, Samsung, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, INVECO Group, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz AG, Stellantis, Toyota, Volkwagen AG, Volvo, MAHLE, General Motors, FCA, Daimler AG, Lotus, Lilium, Volvo Group, Lucid Motors, Rivian, Renault Group, Fisker, Lordsdtown Motor, EDAG Group, Rimac Technology, Volvo Buses, Polestar, XPeng, AUDI AG, Porsche, Lion Smart, DENSO Europe, Genesis, Cascadian Motion, Alcraft Motor Company, Iveco spA, Volta Trucks, Webasto Group, EVBox, Connected Kerb, Shell, QuantumScape, American Battery Solutions, Clarios, Sono Motors, Tesla, NIO, Faraday Future, Rimac Automobili, Nikola, Proterra, Aptera, Aston Martin Lagonda, Bentley Motors, Karam Automotive, KIA, Lamborgini, Lexus, McLaren, Penso, Rolls-Royce, Skoda, Toyota, Smart, OPEL, Peugeot, FIAT, Mini, Nissan, Seat, DACIA, Mazda, Northvolt AB, Lithium Werks B.V., BMZ Group, Draxlmaier Group

| Job Title Cross Section Present Last Year

Industry 4.0 Implementation Manager, Automotive EV/HV Product Development Engineer, Design Manager, Industry 4.0 Engineer, Analyst-Digital Manufacturing | Project Management, Lead Cross-Functional Systems Engineering Teams, Design Analysis Engineer, CAE and Model Based Systems Engineer, Business Development/Technology Manager, Global Head of Cyber Security for Enterprise, Cloud, Engineering Manager – edrive Testing And Validation, Future Mobility Research and Consulting, Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing Supervisor, Engineering Specialist – Automation, Powertrain Simulation Manager, Ford Advanced EV Development Manager, Software Engineer Leader, Director Charging & Energy Services, Data Tools for Design Innovation Manager, Vice President Global EV Programs, Global Technology Strategy, Research and Advanced Systems Director, Factory Automation, Manufacturing Technology Team Leader, Director Manufacturing Engineering Global Architecture, Manufacturing Transformation Leader, Chief Engineer – Manufacturing, Operations Director, Manufacturing Engineer Lead, Director of Manufacturing Strategy, Director Manufacturing Transformation, Director – Global Vehicle Manufacturing Engineering, Industry 4.0 Specialist, Digital Manufacturing Supervisor, Technical Leader Additive Manufacturing Research, Digital Layout & Industry 4.0 Team Leader, Senior IT Manufacturing Systems Development Supervisor, Manufacturing Engineer, Exec. Director Global Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Programs Chief Engineer, Manufacturing Transformation Leader, Director of Manufacturing, IT Executive | Digital Transformation, Manufacturing Team Lead, Battery Assembly Manufacturing Team Leader, Vice President Global EV Programs, Lead Digitalization and Industry 4.0, Global Digital Manufacturing Manager, Digital Twin Lead, Senior Innovation Engineer, Plant Manager, Assistant Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Director Global Manufacturing Quality, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Director of Manufacturing, Vehicle Programs, Director-Global Manufacturing IT, Manufacturing Engineer, Digital Manufacturing Engineering, Industry 4.0

| Testimonials

| 2024 Coming Up

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